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Memorial Landscaping & irrigation

Memorial Landscaping and Irrigation is your complete resource for high end landscaping needs.  We’re not your typical lawn maintenance company focused on mowing, edging, weed eating and cleaning.  We are a landscape design and engineering company.  Our goal is to make your dreams of a beautiful outdoor area come true.

Does your yard have a weird shape?  Is it unevenly leveled in certain areas?  We can and will install the proper type of retaining walls that will add a certain level of beauty and structure to your home while also improving the functionality of your yard.

Is lighting your issue?  Do you have lots of trees, bushes and other shrubbery that makes your yard dark?  We can provide the perfect landscape lighting that will not only illuminate your yard but also add a level of security.

You could be reading this because your yard is over saturated and floods when it rains.  The water has no where to go.  Or, you don’t have the time to water and maintain your yard as you would like.  Contact us if you need sprinklers and other irrigation management tools like french drains.